Terms & Conditions


  1. This services is provided by Contentmart Global Limited (Reg. No. HE 356502), having its registered office at Kimonos, 12, Kallithea, Dali, Nicosia-2548, Cyprus, through this website www.contentmart.com.
  2. Contentmart is a service provider providing Platform (defined herein below) for displaying/hosting Creative Content (defined hereinbelow), facilitating content purchasers to purchase Creative Content on the basis of real time price bidding system.
  3. The Creative Content will be hosted by Content Providers on the Platform, depending upon the needs and demands of the various content purchasers. The content purchaser shall purchase the Creative Content from the Platform on the basis of the real time bidding between the Content Providers and the content purchasers.
  4. The content purchaser wishes to obtain from Contentmart, and Contentmart wishes to provide to content purchaser, such software technology and Creative Content platform services, as hereinafter described.